Happy Easter

Apparently I am getting reported to Trading Standards. Not sure I actually know what for though:

hi there when i fixd the amp on my inclosure ask swap it for the new 1 for the new 1 spaker to becuase my name on the amp an I checked it when I got it my name is on both of them thats not rite to treat a custommer like that im goin to report u to tradin standard im not threatin no
body and its unfare to b treated like that

Great English

hello mate its ### i is got a problem with the home subwoofer its a v##e 1 i brought from u i acidentatly press the voltage button it went boom scared the cat and now it dnt want to work what can i do i only got delivery yesterday mate i is fucked it aint i

Most of the UK flooded but he still wants his delivery!

Hello Fella, just wanted to tell you what a shower of shite UPS are. I mean I know a lot of the main roads are badly flooded but it still shouldnt stop them bringing my box to me. My postman put on two coats this morning and managed to bring my xbox games, UPS no show. I called them and they said they were having trouble with the roads and I laughed at them , told them about my postman , that showd em.


Here is a dictionary definition of subwoofer:

a loudspeaker component designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies.


Here is an email we received today:

“Hello I reeseived my big subwoofer and really happy thank you but I was just wondering is there a way of playing music through it and not hear just the loud beat because at the moment u cannot really hear the lyrics at all just the bass beating thanks again”

Nice dog!

After purchasing an active subwoofer enclosure from me:-

To who it may concern,

thanks for the prompt delivery. I put it in today and my dog has just crapped all over the box. Is there anything I can do to clean it?